I love new ideas, but I find most interesting WHY people create companies. For me, finding great co-founders (not easy) and patiently researching for last 18 months (really not easy) boiled down to my WHY. My life lesson, is WHY I built Invisume for you….

Most people think fear is a bad thing, and I’m as guilty as anyone else.

But, if you’re out in the jungle and in the distance you hear a bunch of growling tigers…is fear bad?

The truth is fear is neither good nor bad. It’s something to pay attention to. Sometimes you respond; other times you don’t. But it’s always more important to ask WHY the tigers are growling.

You may find that the growling up ahead is because the jungle is on fire and blazing. At which point you can quickly rationalize your fear because you and the tigers share the greater knowledge of immediate danger. “Tiger fear” is trumped by the “raging inferno fear.”

I’ve found that, the danger is in not understanding your fear. Not dealing with it. Profound? Not really; I simply messed up. And my greatest personal mistake is WHY I built Invisume.

Go back 6 years. Our first daughter was one year old and my wife’s company shut down while we were expecting our second daughter. I assumed she would just go get another job. I am dumb.

My wife wanted to stay home with the girls. This was counter to our strategy (read in my freakout voice: what are we going to do for money?!?).

Life gets tight, but we figure it out. Good news: I’m doing well in my sales job. Bad news: Family income is all on me. A traditional situation. My plan? Stay focused on succeeding at work …laser focused.

This was my greatest mistake.


I am THE family income, so what if my job leaves me? No back up plan...

No optimized LinkedIn profile for jobs (boss and co-workers notice changes - too risky) No posting of resumes (companies monitor - too risky and not “looking”) No networking with recruiters - too time intensive No applying to other jobs - again, not ACTIVELY looking

I stopped filing my personal “lead” funnel. Why? Fear my boss may notice. Fear to remove focus from work. Fear of losing what I had. Fear of the tiger, not the fire. Ignorance to my greatest risk.

The growl was far in the distance…but the forest was blazing...I just ignored it. I prioritized the company. I worked hard, but they chose a different strategy - reorg…the fire caught me.

I feared risking my personal income more than the market changing. Nobody fires the guy who’s up at 3 AM trying to drive revenue. In assuming this and avoiding the tigers, I ran straight into the fire.

Market forces drive decisions, so your forest is always on fire. How close are you to the flames? And what’s your plan to escape them?

All the risk (and work) in job search is on you. “What if my boss finds out?” “Everyone knows everyone.”

If I told a CEO, “I have a deal that risks 100% of your company’s revenue for 10% more, while I risk a percentage point” he’d throw me out. But that’s the deal with job search - go risk 100% of your income to just BE PREPARED. However, the greater risk is NOT looking, not knowing what might be better for you and your family.

I put all my energy into THEIR company and did not keep a 24/7/365 eye on MY market value. In protecting my family from the risk of the tiger, I exposed them to the risk of the fire. And we all got burned.

Let me state this clearly, as a husband and a father, I failed.

After being “re-orged” out I had 60 interviews lined up in 4 weeks, but zero leverage. My options were: pay cut or bad product or boring market or questionable leadership or wrong role or wrong target market or bad timing.

Sixty companies sounds like a lot, but there are HUNDREDS I should have already vetted. It should have been the RIGHT 20, not the closest 60 in my network. But the clock was ticking….and come mid-January I had no viable options.

So instead of choosing a bad fit, I bet on myself. And I’ve spent the last year and half researching the problem. Listening to people. Realizing some recognize the problem, but most don’t. But EVERYONE feels the symptoms….the risk your boss or co-worker figuring out that you’re CONSIDERING options.

So are there market analyses, projections, and research behind Invisume? Of course. Are there personal and financial aspirations? Sure.

But what drives me to create, promote, listen, improve, and bring Invisume to market isn’t my love of technology. Nor some newly discovered passion for HR. What drives me is simple:

I failed my wife and kids by exposing them to the risk of NOT knowing my job market at the “click of a button”. I built Invisume so this doesn’t happen to you. I built Invisume to shield you from the fire.

It’s free. It’s 100% private. It takes 15 - 20 minutes (less than tailoring resumes). Never get a job from it? Fine, at least we kept you aware and prepared. And we did it in private.


Chad Porter