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As of today, no. It's for Sales and account managers - people who either prospect to get clients or manage their accounts post-sale. All levels - executive to entry level. Our next group we’ll target is marketing professionals followed by Sales Engineers. As you can tell, we’re “revenue role” focused!
It stands for invisible resume - your private profile (no names) is only seen by companies that it matches and you only see company offers that match what you want.
No, Invisume is for job watchers, people who have a job and want to be aware of perfect career options in a private and hassle free way.
No. Invisume will only contact you IF we have a job that matches your criteria 100%. One mismatch and we will not inform you of the role. You may not hear from Invisume for months about a job.
We remove your company history and your name. Companies search on data points and attributes, not names or a single company. Your deep professional data and attributes are combined with everyone’s so matching your name to statistics is impossible. The data we provide clients is unique, non-identifiable and structured the same for everyone. Most importantly, YOU have final say on who sees your name, so if a sister company applied to you, you’d stop all name and background access by simply turning down the meeting request.
You must authorize Invisume to give your name to that specific company. So if you choose to say “no thank you” to an offer, they’ll never know your identity.
Yes, when you receive a notice, we give you the company and information to allow you to check them out. This insures your privacy as you may have friends who work there and would never want your name introduced to that company.
No, never. Invisume is not public or networked to maintain absolute privacy and confidentiality.
If your current employer knew you were considering an option, by simple human nature they may stop supporting you or worse. It’s not their fault, just human nature. You may love your job, but it’s your personal responsibility to explore life’s options. It’s no different than a company having a contingency plan should you choose to leave; it’s just good business practice.
If a match is made, Invisume charges the company 1% of your annual base salary per month for 12 months. A minimum of $400 per month applies.
Invisume will send to you (or your favorite charity if you prefer) 1% of your annual base salary. So if your base is $50,000 we send $500 as a “thank you” for representing us well. We feel this is a heck of a lot better than a lunch!
We ask that you fill out our profile. Most complete the profile in 15 minutes - less time than a resume. Also, we ask that you respond to EVERY request with either an “Interested” or “Not Interested” and why. That’s as hard as it gets.
No, we match jobs based on what you want. One example, you will never see a job for less money unless you set Invisume to show these.
No, companies can only see data profiles that match them. So if you are V.P. of Sales and they are seeking an entry-level position that pays half your current earnings, they will not see your data.
Companies see data profiles that match their needs, hit the “apply to candidates” button and Invisume sends their information, name, and value proposition to you. We’ve simply reversed the application process and filtered companies applying to you to fit your needs.
No, and we set that expectation for employers, because the data matches eliminate the need for tailored resumes. If you WANT to tailor a resume, you certainly can for the first interview, but we set the expectation that passive candidates don’t need extra work and that Companies are asking them for their time.
We encourage companies to talk first and front load risk, mitigating forms from hell until after a conversation. That said, it’s their choice to ask you to go through that in advance. If you don’t want to, you can always turn the company down.
Privacy and efficiency. Your privacy is 100% our focus. There are no “keywords” to alert your HR and we are not a public network showing off connections to recruiters. Because we are so private, we get more data to filter job matches and ensure we bring you and the company quality in an efficient manner.
No, only those who match what you want.
Yep, simply sign up, answer the questions, and when offers come your way, please respond within 48 - 72 business hours.
Well, if you’re too young to legally hold a job or are happily retired, then yes. Otherwise, we’re designed for all levels.
Only if you want it to. If you no longer want that approach, we suggest that you let them know you’re signed up on Invisume and to filter their offer through our platform.
The compensation will be equal to or greater than what you set as acceptable. So if you want to make less money and be in a different industry, you can set your profile as such. If your goal is to make more money than your current role, you set Invisume to only show you those jobs. Companies will know that they need to offer your minimum base or more, but they will not know your minimum number only that their minimum is at or higher than the number you want.

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