The Founders


Michael O’Brien

Michael O’Brien is a lifelong entrepreneur who creates processes, codes, builds teams, hacks results, and aims for really solving the root of a problem versus puffery.

Michael has been a web designer and developer since the ripe age of 16. He has been the CTO for a magazine and TV show; co-founded The Open Source Project, a collaborative workspace; and been project manager and team member on numerous mobile and web apps as well as technology projects.

He partnered with Charles on a successful digital marketing venture as they bootstrapped their way to success! A Phoenix native, Michael has been heavily involved in nurturing the start-up community in Phoenix and sharing his experience.

When Michael isn’t hacking something together or ammending his Trello…which isn’t often…he’s probably sipping coffee at a local coffee joint or riding his orange vespa.


Chad Porter

Chad Porter is the story-teller of the trio. After a few years in Hollywood and having a script optioned by an Exec at NBC, he returned to Phoenix to start a family. He stumbled into sales, start-up tech, and digital marketing and hasn’t looked back.

Since his successful time at eBay, he’s been a speaker at the NOAH and SES conferences, led product development, and created predictive models using large data models.

Chad loves building teams by the axiom of “surround yourself with people smarter than you.” He’s grateful he found Michael and Charles who epitomize this and co-founded Invisume with him.

When he’s not trying to use tech to solve problems, there’s a 95.7% chance he’s spending time with his wife and two little girls or watching the Cleveland Browns.

Meet The Team


Shelby Garrett - Brand Ambassador

I am passionate about music, family, and marketing. Whether representing a brand or my music label, I need to believe in what I'm doing.


Briana Ewart - Brand Ambassador

I am passionate about engineering, my friends, and staying active. I love school, but I need the other two to help me unwind and keep my life balanced. I really enjoy spending my weekends hiking with my dog or exploring farmers market for yummy food. A love for adventure drives me to seek out new experiences and a desire to challenge myself has led me to Electrical engineering


Zach Stensland - Brand Ambassador

I have a passion for marketing and love the feeling a successful marketing campaign brings. I’m currently majoring in Marketing at Arizona State University and hope to further my marketing skills with hands on experience. Above all, I love helping people and always strive to help others in anyway I can.


Alex Garcia - Brand Ambassador

I strive to maximize all parts of my life, from high performance in the workplace to spreading awareness about pending issues in the local community to looking after my friends and family.


Elizabeth Cheney - Brand Ambassador

I'm passionate about marketing. That being said I'm intrigued with what encourages human beings to follow specific market trends or to be driven to purchase a product. Regardless what I find myself doing, I want to make a difference with my work. I want to make an impact


Makenna Fisher - Brand Ambassador

I am enthusiastic about running, spontaneous adventures, and setting and achieving goals. In all that I do, I am motivated to do my best and leave every opportunity knowing I improved myself.


Zack Hubbard - Brand Ambassador

A quick-learning digital marketing specialist with a personality apt for sales, I am well-versed in social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Box Optimization (SBO), Wordpress web design, FB, YouTube and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.


Saager Buch - Brand Ambassador

I am a hard-working team player that enjoys being challenged. I am very curious and have a passion to learn. Specifically, I have an interest in the finance side of a company and how that is run but I also want to learn more about sales and become more sales-oriented.


Matthew Bajamundi - Brand Ambassador

Majoring in Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautical) at ASU from Sacramento, CA. Interested in computers, music, golf, violin, and running.


Shanna Gibbs - Social Media Manger

I am a writer and artist from Texas living in New York. I'm also very business capable and able to handle high stress. I am very organized and skilled in multi-tasking and handling currency.


Ebad Hashmi - System Engineer

Is a SaaS application developer , loves to play with MEAN stack,java and in free time polishes my Ruby Skills , Working with Michael , the Co-founder of Invisume, as the project lead for 2 years , in that course I also worked with some other people , like the Co-founders of Virgin Mobile USA helped them polish their new startup which is a CRM ,HireNurture ,when taking coffee breaks I love to sketch ,play my guitar and compose some beats on fruity loops studio.